Who to pay the freight of aluminum food tray sample?
In general, the freight of aluminum food tray should be paid by you if the sample is free. Please understand that we are a factory with hope of quick returns and small margins. If an order is placed after trying the sample, a discount may be offered.

As a manufacturer of absorbent pads for food packaging, Demi Co, Ltd. has many years of experience to help customers reach product dreams. Demi Company's soaker pads series contains multiple sub-products. Being flexible in design, this product is able to meet all kinds of space demand for large exhibitions, festivals, event activities, sports, and logistics warehousing. It ensures longer production runs and expanded distribution range. Eating dehydrating food reduces the chances to consume junk food. The office staff who spend hours in the offices love most this product because they can dehydrate fruits and take them to their offices as snacks. The product helps improve the efficiency of storage and shipping.

We are devoted to bringing you better quality and service for our Absorbent seafood pads. Check it!
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