Where is Demi Company located?
The address of Demi Co, Ltd. is available on its website or you can directly contact its staff to inquire more detailed information. Enjoying very convenient location and boasting for its finest-quality oil spill booms , it has attracted many customers to pay visits. You are welcome to visit the company at any time. Just make a contact in advance, it can arrange the professional staff to pick you up at designated place.

Demi Company have been providing one-stop Absorbent seafood pads services for customers for many years. We are reputable for strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities in this field. Demi Company's absorbent pads series contains multiple sub-products. The raw material suppliers of Demi Company food pads have undergone rigorous screening. Its exudate is bound in the core and will not leak. The good characteristics make the product highly marketable in the global market. The product helps improve the appearance and shelf life of the food.

Our after-sale service is as good as quality of super absorbent polymer. Call!
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