When was Demi established?
As a supplier and manufacturer of absorbent pads for meat packaging, Demi Co, Ltd. is professional and reliable. Enterprise spirit: Integrity, responsibility, dedication Core value: Create value and serve society Enterprise philosophy: Compete fairly, cooperate jointly, benefit mutually Demi Company's absorbent pads can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements. Demi Company has created a number of successful series, and dry ice pack is one of them. Cusomers in the industry greatly rely on the product for its stable performance and long service life, delivering more economic benefits. The product helps avoid food rotted and reduce bacteria. By following the strict standards, Demi Company controls every step to ensure the quality of soaker pads. Its absorption capacity makes it easier for consumers to handle the food. our company hopes to cooperate with you for a win-win situation. If interested, please contact us.

What are the categories of air filtration materials? What are the categories of air filtration materials?First, chemical fiber non-woven filter material: famous polyester fiber,Commonly known as non-woven fabric,Non-woven fabric has the advantages of extensive use, mature technology and good stability,It is a typical filter material for thick, medium efficiency plate and bag filter in China.The production process is made by fusion spray, acupuncture, water Thorn, spinning and sticking,Compared with other filter materials of the same level, it has the advantages of stable quality, large dust tolerance, strong moisture resistance, long service life and economic durability.But,There are also some shortcomings in non-woven fabrics,That is, the resistance is too large and environmental protection is not allowed to be burned or decomposed ).Non-woven fabrics are also the earliest filter materials used,Mature technology, low production costs,Although new filtration materials have emerged in recent years,Howeve

What are the types of industrial dust removal equipment? I. gravity and inertia dust removal device: gravity settling chamber and baffle type dust collector.Two, cyclone dust removal device: single tube cyclone dust collector,Multi-cylinder cyclone dust collector.III. wet dust removal device: spray type dust collector,Impulse type dust collector,Water film dust collector,Foam dust collector,Inclined-grid dust collector,The Wenzhong dust collector.IV. filter layer dust collector: particle layer dust collector,Porous material dust collector,Paper filters,Fiber filled filter.V. bag filter: Mechanical vibration filter,Electric vibration type dust collector,Split-chamber anti-blow dust collector,Nozzle anti-blow dust collector,Vibration type dust collector,Pulse injection type dust collector.VI. electrostatic dust removal device: plate electrostatic dust collector,Tube type electrostatic dust collector,Wet electrostatic dust collector.VII. combined dust collector: in order to improve the efficiency of dust r
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