What services are offered for foam meat trays ?
Demi Co, Ltd.'s service is not limited to providing meat tray . We also provide a package of customer service upon request. One of our key values is that we will never let our customers stand alone. We guarantee that we will take care of customers' orders. Let us work together to find the right solution for your problem!

Demi Company is an expert in manufacturing large absorbent pads. The constant search for innovation, following the latest technologies, has brought us to one of the top companies in this industry. Demi Company's absorbent pads for meat packaging series contains multiple sub-products. aroma beads are equipped with the most advanced wholesale aroma beads which is easy to be installed. Its exudate is bound in the core and will not leak. It keeps people's hands safe from the heat generated by the barbeque. Hence, people will not get their hands burned. Its absorption capacity makes it easier for consumers to handle the food.

Demi Company has always adhered to the fine traditions of food pads, and it has been strict throughout the whole process of business management. Contact us!
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