What about the supply capacity of absorbent food pads in Demi?
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Coagulation filtration of seawater desalination technology Coagulation filtration is designed to remove colloidal and suspended impurities in seawater,Reduce turbidity.In the reverse osmosis membrane separation project, the pollution index (FI) is commonly used to measure,The FI value of the water supply required to enter the reverse osmosis equipment is

Difference between the function of fiber ball and walnut shell filter The walnut shell is mainly used to absorb the oil in the filtered water.Filter suspended matter of cellulose.Features1. the natural walnut shell is treated as a filter material with uniform particle size and various forms, which can be selected.2. the filter material has a lighter proportion and has good adsorption and filtration performance.Fiber ball filter1. the fiber ball filter material is advanced and efficient.2. fiber anti-corruption, non-toxic, long life, small proportion and light weight.3. fast filtration speed and low cost.Since the fiber ball has a great specific surface area and void ratio, and has flexible corrosion resistance, the fiber ball filter is generally used for medium precision filtration, mainly to remove suspended solids in water. It is widely used in various fields such as domestic water supply, oil well water injection, chemical solution fine filtration, industrial softening and salt removal and pure wa
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