What about the quality management system in Demi?
Is the water purification filter useful? The water purifier is generally divided into two types. One is that it is filtered through 5 layers, such as PP cotton, activated carbon and reverse osmosis membrane. this is a pure water machine. the filtration accuracy reaches one in ten microns, while calcium and magnesium, chlorine plasma is larger than one micron in the network, which will be filtered out and can be drunk directly. Qinyuan, Angel and Midea are the first-line brands of domestic pure water machines that can be used safely. However, the first kind of electricity should be used, and a bucket should be placed under the cabinet. The price is generally about 1500-3500, mainly because the filter element is different. 3000 should be considered as medium and upper, the 4-5 thousand that is more expensive will not have to store buckets.One is filtered through the UF membrane, leaving calcium and magnesium ions, which can also be directly drunk. The first-line brands have Springs and liters. The filter ac

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In the air-suspended centrifugal blower of the sewage treatment plant, why should the air inlet corridor mouth of the automatic roller shutter filter be selected? In the sewage treatment plant,Air-powered equipment must operate all the year round,Because there is a lot of dust in the air,In high-speed airflow operation for a long time,Dust causes wear, corrosion and scaling of the blade, impeller and other internal components of the equipment,Shorten the service life of the equipment,Affecting production,Causing economic losses;In order to ensure the failure-free and efficient operation of the above equipment,Minimize the number of downtime and maintenance workload,It is necessary to set up an air filtration device with excellent performance at the air suction inlet,To reduce the damage of dust to the equipment.The quality of the air filter filtration effect will directly affect the long-term normal operation of the air power equipment.For the working environment of the above equipment,The automatic
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