What about the lead time of meat soaker pad from placing a order to delivery?
This relies on the order quantity of meat soaker pad and the time schedule of Demi Co, Ltd.. We make the promise that we will handle the order as soon as possible. Orders are processed one by one. When it is at the peak, the production line will be running at full capacity. Every production process will be controlled in good condition. This will take a little time.

Demi Company is appraised as a leading company in manufacturing large absorbent pads. We are an excellent innovative company in China. Demi Company's aroma beads series contains multiple sub-products. We take wholesale aroma beads into consideration when designing aroma beads. The product ensures the best possible food quality. The product ensures the long lifespan of the construction and makes the building capable of resisting damage caused due to different factors. Its absorption capacity makes it easier for consumers to handle the food.

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