What about the exports of Demi in recent years?
Focusing on the evolution and creation of dry ice pack, Demi Co, Ltd. is known in this industry. Enterprise spirit: Integrity, responsibility, dedication Core value: Create value and serve society Enterprise philosophy: Compete fairly, cooperate jointly, benefit mutually Demi Company's aroma beads can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements. Demi Company has created a number of successful series, and dry ice pack is one of them. The product is tested to be fully match the set quality standards. With high quality absorbent polymer, it can perform superior absorption. Demi Company is mainly engaged in absorbent food pad business, which only provides the best quality. The product is environmentally friendly, causing no pollution. our team provides discounts for large purchases. Welcome to contact us!

How to raise sea fish? 1. lighting equipment: the lighting equipment of the aquarium includes metal halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps and coral lamps.The coral lamp is a kind of light suitable for sea-water animals.It has a blue light and a fiber light,Can increase the color of corals and other animals,The viewing effect is very good.2. heat preservation equipment: 100-available for small aquariums-300 W electric heat pipe,Fixed at both ends of the aquarium.In the hot summer,When the water temperature is close to 30 °cMeasures to cool down should be taken,If equipped with a refrigerator or air conditioner,Or use the mechanism ice cubes to fit into the plastic and bag.Put in the aquarium after sealing.3. protein separator: also known as foam separator.It is the use of the surface of the bubble in the water, can absorb a variety of granular dirt mixed in the water and the principle of soluble organic matterA large number of bubbles are generated by an oxygen filling device or

How about Shanghai three filter Equipment Co., Ltd? Introduction: Shanghai Sanshang filter Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating professional design, manufacturing and sales of filter mixing equipment and providing comprehensive filtration and hybrid system automation engineering and solutions, the main products of the company are fully automatic filter, filter, bag filter, solid-liquid separator, filter press, centrifuge, etc. The company has first-class R & D personnel, professional production workers and high-quality service teams integrating pre-sales and after-sales services. The company has strong technical strength, advanced processing equipment and complete testing methods, with advanced design concept, unique processing technology, excellent production quality and perfect testing, the company adheres to the high technology, high quality and high stability of the products. The main filtration equipment of the company includes: bag filter, filter, silica Earth filter, single
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