What about FOB of absorbent pad ?
Give me a simple way to filter well water. You can give it a try,Hope to help you melt with vinegar.

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Is it necessary to install a front filter at home? Hello, it is very necessary to install a front filter at home, because the front filter can filter out most of the impurities in tap water, especially those who live above the seventh floor, and the seventh floor or above are generally drinking secondary water supply, the pool where the secondary water is stored is not clean and unsanitary, and there will be some impurities in the water. if there is a pre-filter installed at home, it can filter most of the impurities in the tap water, this will ensure the whole family's health. I hope my answer will help you. In my experience, it is necessary to tell you clearly. The city's tap water pipeline is so long, how many impurities and iron filings are there, you know, and these impurities will also affect the service life of washing machines, water heaters, water purifiers and other household appliances at home, so it is necessary to install a front filter. Anyway, my home improvement is the pre-filter Q16 of Beverl
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