What about CIF of absorbent pad ?
We will direct the organization to become a famous aroma beads maker. Get info! Demi Co, Ltd., a Professional Supplier of absorbent pad Absorbent seafood pads produced by Demi Company stands out among many products in the same category. And the specific advantages are as follows. Guided by the actual needs of customers, Demi Company provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.

Fully automatic dosing device for central air conditioning cooling chilled circulating water Beijing the most professional water treatment company Beijing Tianyu Taihe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd,Relying on the strong technical background of the China Institute of Environmental Technology and Tsinghua University,High-tech enterprises dedicated to environmental protection and municipal utilities and industrial water treatment projects.The company's main products are circulating water treatment equipment, boiler water treatment equipment and reverse osmosis equipment,At the same time, we undertake various small and medium-sized water treatment projects,The products are widely used in HVAC, heating, machinery, textile, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries.The company adheres to the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation,With the support of strong technology research and development capabilities, with the quality control of excellence as the

How to treat industrial wastewater? Summary of 14 industrial wastewater treatment processesSurface treatment wastewater1. polishing and polishing wastewaterIn the process of polishing and polishing the parts, due to the existence of abrasive and polishing agents, the main pollutants in industrial wastewater are COD, BOD and SS.Generally, the following processing process can be used for processing:Wastewater → regulation pool → coagulation reaction tank → sedimentation tank → hydropickling pool → aerobic pool → two sedimentation tank → filtration → emission2. degreasing wastewaterThe common skim processes are: organic solvent skim, chemical skim, chemical skim, ultrasonic skim. In addition to organic solvent degreasing, other skim processes are composed of skim agents containing alkaline substances, Surface Active Agents, corrosion inhibitors, etc, the main pollutants in wastewater are pH, SS, COD, BOD, petroleum, chroma, etc.Generally, the fol
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