Questions and answers about crystal bead maintenance

by:Demi     2021-03-24
1. Why are crystal beads so soft?
Answer:?Crystal beads should not be placed in the sun; otherwise, they will become soft and have a layer of greasy feeling on the surface, which will affect the effect of use. In summer, the ultraviolet rays are intense. It is recommended that the plants should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. The crystal beads can be covered with black yarn when the plants need to absorb sunlight.

2. Put the colorful crystal beads together and soak them together. Will they become a whole body after a long time? Will they fade after a long time?
Answer:?Putting different colors of crystal beads in a vase according to your preference will never cross the shade and never fade.

3. How long can it be used?
Answer:?The unsoaked crystal pearl masterbatch can be stored for two years. The color is crystal clear, transparent, bright, and beautiful and generally lasts for one to two to three years after the soaking.

4. Will the planted plants have rotten roots and smell?
Answer:?Clean the roots and soak them in clean water for some time. The seeds will not rot and will not smell. (The cleaning method of crystal beads is: gently rinse with clean water, wipe off the slippery layer on the surface with your hands, no need to add detergent, etc.)

5. Can I add a nutrient solution?
Answer:?The masterbatch contains nutrient solutions rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other components needed for plant growth. After planting for a long time, you can also add a few drops of the nutrient solution during the soaking process.

6. How to grow cactus?
Answer:?Because cacti are drought-tolerant plants, they need to be planted with specific crystal beads, and ordinary crystal beads are not suitable for planting.

7. How to use aroma essential oils with crystal beads?
Answer:?Add a few drops of aroma essential oil during the soaking process, and the crystal beads will inhale it. When placed, it will slowly release the fragrance, making the house full of fragrance.

8. How can the volume of crystal beads gradually shrink?
Answer:?Because the water of the crystal beads is slowly absorbed or evaporated by plants, the volume will gradually decrease. The crystal beads can be poured out and soaked in water for ten minutes to restore the original shape.

9.Can I add water directly to the vase when the crystal beads are dry?
Answer:?It is best to pour out the crystal beads and soak them. Fill the vase with water, the water will accumulate on the bottom of the vase, and the crystal beads at the bottom will absorb too much water and affect the viewing effect. Cannot restore the crystal beads above to their original state because it is difficult to absorb moisture.

10. What is the disposal problem after use?
Answer:?It can be thrown into the trash can with domestic garbage. It is non-toxic and harmless, it will automatically degrade after some time, and it does not pollute the environment. Remember! Do not pour into the sewer; beware of blockages.
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