Quality assurance of absorbent meat pads
In this booming society, Demi Co, Ltd. aims to be a much better company in the area of super absorbent pads. Get quote! Years of Experience in the Production of sorbent Demi Company's soaker pads has been further improved based on advanced technology, as reflected in the following aspects. In addition to providing high-quality products, Demi Company also provides effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

Is the Dalton m15 water purifier equipped with a front filter? How to choose a water purifier, Shijiazhuang formaldehyde detection and management fixed-point enterprise Shijiazhuang is better than the Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. experts can help you to recruit-high-tech concepts and many water-related products, in fact, it is not so magical that the country has explicitly banned the prevention and control of diseases on wading products. it is not reliable to drink purified water and health care. when buying, it is necessary to be cautious. Experts remind: identify the authenticity of the product to see the 'ID card '.On the morning of March 18, the 'special supervision and inspection work meeting for water-related products' was held in the municipal health supervision institute. At the meeting, 13 unqualified brands and models of wading products were reported, and various operators and manufacturers in the urban area signed a safety sales commitment letter on the spot. Is there a

Filter for air conditioning. what kind of registered trademark belongs? Filter for air conditioning.Belonging to group 11th of category 1106 of trademark classification;According to the statistics of the Signpost network,Register filters for air conditioning.There are 10 trademarks.1.Choose to register (filters (components on household or industrial devices ),Group number: 1110) there is one trademark in the category,2.Choose to register (kitchen range hood,Group number: 1106) there is one trademark in the category,3.Choose to register (filter for air conditioning,Group number: 1106) there is one trademark in the category,4.Choose to register (air deodorization device,Group number: 1106) there is one trademark in the category,5.Choose to register (ionising equipment for air or water treatment,Group number: 1110) there is one trademark in the category,6.Choose to register (air purification devices and machines,Group number: 1106) there is one trademark in the category,7.Choose to register (drinking
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