Is water beads for plants tested before shipment?
Every water beads supplied by Demi Co, Ltd. should be tested before shipment. We take it seriously to control the product quality. During the test, the performance, service life, etc. are all considered.

Demi Company is a creator, engineer, and problem solver. We are passionate about the R&D and manufacture of food pads. Demi Company focuses on providing a variety of absorbent pads for meat packaging for customers. This product is colorfast, meaning that it won’t fade easily after multiple pieces of washing, although it will become softer. Its exudate is bound in the core and will not leak. The product enhances people's cooking or barbequing experience. Customers say they can enjoy fast and flavorful barbeque food with the help of this product. Its exudate is bound in the core and will not leak.

Relying on thousands of R&D teams, Demi Company is committed to Absorbent pad for seafood. Get info!
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