Is there any third party doing absorbent pads for food packaging quality test?
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How to make a simple filter water device? Drill,Scissors.Plastic Coke bottles,Yarn rope,Faucet sleeve,Rubber tube,Gauze,Rubber stopper,Activated Carbon,ABS glue,Rice stone,Glass conduit,Tape paper.1. take a plastic Coke bottle,Remove the hard seat at the bottom,Drill a dozen small holes with a red-burning drill at the bottom of the bottle,A rubber plug with a glass catheter on the bottle stopper,Make a filter!2. take another plastic Coke bottle,Cut the part with the hard seat,Drill a small hole in the bottle cap,As an outlet,Make a container.3. 15 ~ from the bottom of the bottle in bottle ~ Apply ABS glue 3 cm wide at 18 cm.Apply ABS glue 4 cm wide on the inner wall of the bottom of bottle B.After the glue is slightly dry,Put a bottle with a layer of gauze on the bottom into the bottle,Stick the two bottles of adhesive tape with transparent tape paper,Reinforced with yarn rope.4. connect the rubber tube at one end of the glass conduit of the bottle,The other end of the rubber tube is connected to the f

What is the difference between saving one and two cans of air compressor? The tank is enough to play the role of gas storage buffer regulation. it doesn't make much sense to install moreLili cold-cold dryer cold-cold repair cold-cold products brand Cold-cold products price cold-cold parts cold-cold products installation Cold-cold parameters cold-cold products principle cold-cold products evaporator cold-cold products filter element cold products filter direct sales cold products filter official website cold products filter agent cold products cold draft selection cold draft quotationI. cold cooler, high-pressure cold cooler, cold cooler accessories, high-temperature cold cooler, normal-temperature cold cooler, air cooler, compressed air drying equipment, compressed air cooler, Hangzhou cold cooler, processing capacity: 0.6 ~ 300Nm3/min, oil content at the outlet: 10PPm ~ 0.001PPm, 1 μm of dust particle size at the outlet ~ 0.001 m. Working pressure: Standard 0. 7MPa up to 1. 0MPa,Two. precision filter,
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