Is Demiplastic wrapping paper cheap?
Demi Co, Ltd. always maintains long-term growth by providing superior service to customers with super absorbent pads. Get info! Years of Experience in the Production of plastic wrapping paper Demi Company's absorbent pads has been further improved based on advanced technology, as reflected in the following aspects. In addition to providing high-quality products, Demi Company also provides effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

What is the standard differential pressure of the compressed air system filter? Information Source of operation rules of Screw Air Compressor: Forum, release Time: 2007-09-12 font size: small medium, big keyword: Screw Air Compressor, Screw Air Compressor Operation rules 1. precautions.Using air hoses,The size should be correct,And suitable for the work pressure used,Do not use hoses that have been scratched, damaged or easily deformed,The model and size of the connector and fastener at the end of the hose must be correct,In the discharge of compressed air,The opening end must be firmly grasped,Otherwise, the hose will wave and hurt people,Don't put compressed air directly to people,Be careful when using compressed air cleaning equipment,And bring an eye mask.B.Do not operate the compressor where it is possible to inhale flammable or toxic gases.C.Do not operate in excess of the pressure specified on the nameplate,Do not operate as much as possible under the pressure specified on the nameplate.D.All door must

Working Principle and technical parameters of bag filter Working Principle and advantages of bag filter1. Mingyuan Kaide filter Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. bag filter original filter shell forming and processing technology to avoid all kinds of leakage caused by steel filter shell welding; high-strength graphite cast iron material has excellent anti-corrosion performance, extend the service life of the product;2. the design and manufacture technology of the unique filter element of the bag filter, and the high-precision filter element will never wear out;3. reliable intelligent control of bag filter, automatic operation of filtration, cleaning and sewage discharge, and realization of unattended operation,4. Mingyuan Kaide filter Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. the leading product structure and function design of bag filter is compact in structure, large in filtration area, high in pollution absorption and tube5. the control mode design of bag filter, the reverse washing time is short, the water consump
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