Is Demi product supply chain complete?
What does bet mean? BetThe United States [bet]N. bet, gamble, bet; the object of being bet; possibilityVi. sure; bet (on, against,)Vt. gambling; and. BET; bet; be sureExample sentence:1. jockys are forbidden to bet on the outcome of racesProfessional horse riders are prohibited from betting on the results of horse racing.2. You can put a bet on almost anything these days.It is now possible to bet on almost anything.3. It is a safe bet that the current owners will not know.There are eight or nine owners who will not sell now.4. I bet you were good at games when you were at schoolI dare say you had great sports when you went to school.5. Textiles are a good bet for a countryThe textile industry is a relatively safe industry for industrialized countries.

Demi Co, Ltd. is soaker pads a global supplier and manufacturer with high quality. Enterprise spirit: Integrity, responsibility, dedication Core value: Create value and serve society Enterprise philosophy: Compete fairly, cooperate jointly, benefit mutually Demi Company's Absorbent seafood pads can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements. Demi Company has created a number of successful series, and super absorbent pads is one of them. The product is widely demanded in the market for featuring stable performance and strong functionality. The product is non-toxic and odorless. Demi Company has obtained the certification of Absorbent pad. Its natural fiber surface does not destroy the fragile food. our company provides discounts for large purchases. Welcome to contact us!

Can the water in the aquarium be directly pumped into the household front filter ? It is not possible to use domestic pre-filter for drinking water.After pumping into the filter, it can be recycled back to the aquarium, but it doesn't make much sense.
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