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Demi Co, Ltd. upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. Demi Company is located in an elegant environment with traffic convenience. Demi Company is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions. is expert in providing ODM services.

Foreign senle water purifier filter accuracy 0.1um can drink directly? 1. water filter of filter: In the case of this water purifier filter structure, different filters can be used according to different needs, and the advantage is that the price is relatively cheap, relatively high precision filtration (with Super filtration ). The disadvantage is the service life of relatively short filters (for example, pp cotton life in 3-5 months, life in activated carbon for about half a year, UF life for 1-2 years ), A small amount of water is only suitable for drinking. 2. pure water machine: this RO water purifier uses reverse osmosis technology, which first appeared in the aviation industry to solve the advantages of drinking water aviation research and development personnel with high precision (any matter will go except water molecules ), the disadvantage is that pure water is too pure, and the lack of trace elements is beneficial to the human body. it refers to a glass of water, three cups of water are produced, a

Do you still need to install a water purifier after installing the front filter? Need.And it's best to clean the whole house.The filtering accuracy of the front filter is very low, only the sediment of large particles, rust, etc are filtered. if you want to further purify the water quality, it is best to continue to install some products. For example, Autran's central water purifier can be purified in the whole house, but can't drink rawIf you ask for a raw drink, you can only buy a pure water machine with the highest purity. there are only water molecules inside, making coffee and making tea.It is recommended to prepare the whole House for purification before the water and electricity enter the site, because it involves pipeline design, power reserve and other work, and also affects beauty and funds.It is still necessary to install, and it is best to install the front filter of the whole house water purification. the filtering accuracy is very low. only the large particles of sediment, rust, etc. are fi
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