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How to use crystal beads? What are the precautions?

by:Demi     2021-03-24
How to use crystal beads is as follows:
1. Before planting, clean the soil from the plants' roots in water and remove the corrupted old seeds. The plants will grow better.

2. Soak the crystal beads with 1:40-50 times of water for 8-12 hours. Note that the mud of different colors should be soaked separately. During the soaking process, you can add a few drops of nutrient solution appropriately, which is more conducive to plants' growth.

3. After soaking for 8-12 hours, the crystal beads are fully expanded, and the excess water is drained before use.

4. After the expanded crystal beads are drained of excess water, pour them into transparent glassware, and you can plant plants. When growing plants, it is best to let the crystal soil cover entirely the plants' roots.

5. If crystal beads of multiple colors are mixed, they should be mixed in layers when planting.

6. When crystal beads are soaked, you can add the appropriate amount of perfume or perfume, which can be used as an air freshener to improve the indoor environment.

Precautions for crystal beads
1. It is best to place the planted vase in a place with light; the crystal beads will appear more crystal transparent and translucent. If placed under solid light, green moss may grow. Generally, it is better to clean it every three months.

2. The crystal beads are odorless, and the dead roots and leaves of plants or other pollutants may produce odors.

3. The crystal beads will shrink as the water is absorbed by plants and naturally evaporate. When you add water again, they will drink water and expand into gel particles.

4. In some plants' preparation process, be careful not to let water drip onto the leaves; the leaves will rot if there is water, and do not spray the leaves with water at ordinary times.

5. The nutrients in the crystal beads can be used for slow-growing plants to grow for about half a year. During use, the crystal beads can be added or replaced at the right time according to plants' and plants' growth. An appropriate amount of nutrient solution suitable for plant growth can also be added regularly.

6. Most plants need to be sprayed with foliar water for 1-2 weeks (the sprayed foliar water is best to add foliar fertilizer), but it is not advisable to spread frequently; otherwise, the leaves will quickly turn yellow.

7. Suitable plant varieties are only suitable varieties transplanted into crystal beads after traditional soil cultivation in some areas of China. Different climates in different regions will vary, depending on the effect of local plant planting experiments; the products should be kept in a cool, cool place. Sealed and stored in a dry place, it can be stored for 2-3 years if moisture absorption does not affect the use. Plants grown in crystal beads should not be exposed to direct sunlight, nor should they be cultivated in high-humidity places.

8. It is best to use purified water or distilled water for planting. If you use ordinary tap water, it may bleach the crystal beads because the tap water contains chloride ions for sterilization, which will accelerate the fading of the crystal beads; if you use tap water, you can first keep the self-boiling water still Use it after one or two days, soaking in purified water or distilled water will have a better effect.
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