Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
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Which brand of circulating water filter is better Circulating water filter working process: After the water filter is connected to the pipeline system,The water enters the water filter from the lower inlet,After filtering the debris, the water flows from the outlet,When impurities in the water pass through the mesh core,Since the volume is larger than the mesh core hole,And the slit is trapped on the Net core,When a certain amount is accumulated,That is, there is a constant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet.When the water pressure difference between the inlet pressure gauge and the outlet pressure gauge of the filter screen increases to the specified value (the filter screen accuracy diameter is different, generally 0.15Mpa ),Open the sewage valve and put it into work,Water flows reverse flushing of impurities and dirt attached to the inner side wall of the mesh core,Drain the attachment from the filter screen,Close the sewage valve when the internal and external pressure difference returns to

What is the main purpose of the pre-filter of Yize ultra-filtration water purifier? The filter and the front water purifier can only improve the water quality, but it can't reach the direct drink. it is recommended to use a pure water machine for convenience and simplicity.
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