Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How to go through the water beads customization?
Friends say, how much is the water purifier filter? Front filter, reverse household cleaning, whole house water pipe purification, stainless steel filter water purifier 88 yuanHot water filter water purifier household solar water tower pipe stainless steel net copper floor heating front filter 305 yuanFront filter household kitchen water purifier 6 points external thread 4 points internal thread coarse filter stainless steel net 43 yuanThe above price comes from the network and is for reference only. the specific price is subject to purchase \'\'

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High pressure cleaning pump water filter part of the blockage? Replace the removable bag filter, filter the particle impurities inside the liquid, colloidal impurities, and protect the cleaning pump.The filter is equipped with a liquid filter bag inside, with an accuracy range of 1-500 microns, and the most suitable precision is designed according to the field conditions.Purification of baizhirui
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