Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How to go through the magic water beads customization?
Let Demi Co, Ltd. understand your requirements. With our expertise, we'll take you through the full procedure from price evaluation to layout, tools and production. Pick from a selection of aspects to make the perfect water beads according to your needs. We've got years of expertise in producing quality product layouts to help distinguish your brand.

Demi Company is a customer-focused company focused on manufacturing Absorbent pad for seafood. Over the years, our company has been continuously developing and expanding the scope and updating capabilities. Demi Company focuses on providing a variety of absorbent pads for customers. This product offers plane stiffness and bending resistance. When stacking goods, it remains stable as long as the limit loading is not reached. Its absorption capacity makes it easier for consumers to handle the food. One of the biggest points of this product is that it reduces the weight of the food by heavily removing the water content, which enables the food to be transported or stored only taking up a small space. It ensures longer production runs and expanded distribution range.

In accordance with the requirements of high quality development, Demi Company will adhere to absorbent pads for food packaging in the absorbent food pad production. Call now!
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