Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How to extend water beads bulk warranty?
Demi Co, Ltd. is a globally competitive supplier and manufacturer soaker pads. Enterprise spirit: Gratitude, tolerance, integrity, dedication Enterprise philosophy: Develop with innovation and the pursuit of excellence Core value: Respect customers, understand customers, serve customers Demi Company's aroma beads is commonly used in the following industries. The soaker pads series is one of the main products of Demi Company. Owing to the excellent quality and stable performance, the product is highly appreciated among our clients. The product ensures no leakage when the packaging is opened. Demi Company is a professional company engaged in dry ice pack with highly advanced technology. The product helps the food keep fresh and reduce odor. We are looking forward to consulting from new and old customers!

What are the nano materials? Nano-materials can be roughly divided into four categories: Nano-powder, nano-fiber, nano-film and nano-block.Among them, nano-powder has the longest development time and the most mature technology,Is the basis for the production of other three types of products.Nano-powder is also called ultra-fine powder or ultra-fine powder,Generally refers to powder or particles with particle size below 100 nm,It is a solid particle material in the intermediate state between atoms, molecules and macro objects.Can be used: high density magnetic recording material;Absorbing stealth materials;Magnetic fluid material;Radiation-proof materials;Polishing materials for single crystal silicon and precision optical devices;Thermal conductive substrate and wiring materials for microchips;Electronic Packaging materials;Optoelectronic materials;Advanced battery electrode material;Solar cell materials;Efficient catalyst;High-efficiency combustion aids;Sensitive elements;High toughness ceramic material (cer

What is the material of cotton for filter? Filter cotton according to the material,The filter material is divided into four types: synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven filter cotton, fiberglass filter cotton and activated carbon filter cotton.Filter cotton can also be divided into: First-effect filter cotton and medium-effect filter cotton according to the filter efficiency.In the general filtration environment, non-woven fabrics and fiberglass can be completely replaced with a full range of filtration products with coarse, medium and high efficiency,Is a new filter material,It is also the main development direction of filter materials in the future.Compared with other filter materials at the same level, it has the advantages of small resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (incineration) and moderate price.The main raw material is polyester fiber,Abbreviation: PET,Polyester fiber is made from polyethylene acetate,It is also called synthetic fiber or polyester.The propo
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