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How long will steaks in the fridge be inedible?

How long will steaks in the fridge be inedible?


Steaks have expired date if you keep them in the fridge, especially Frozen steaks. It is not edible if they go beyond that date. When frozen meat thaws beyond its sell-by date, the temperature rises and damaged tissue cells ooze a large amount of protein and water, making it a haven for bacteria. Bacteria will decompose the protein and fat in meat, and produce a large number of small molecules harmful to human body decomposition products. People are likely to get food poisoning after eating it, with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and loose bowels.

So how long does a steak last? Here are some tips:

Refrigerate steak (4 degrees or less) : 3-5 days

Steak frozen storage time (-18 degrees or less) : 6-12 months (depending on meat and refrigerator performance)

Don't eat it after this period. Eat raw food as soon as possible and don't freeze it for too long.So how do you store steak for a longer shelf life? Before storage, use Demi's fresh absorbent pad.

The function of the absorbent pad is:

Absorb excess blood or residual liquid to extend the freshness period and ensure product quality.

Demi brand’s absorbent pads are of better quality than other absorbent pads

1. After the blood water is absorbed, the gel is locked in the absorbent pad and will not reverse osmosis.

2, water absorption pad is very tough.

3. The four sides are tightly sealed and the particles can not leak out

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