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How long it will take for ODM processing?
Knowledge of basket filter standards Has anyone thought about how the water we drink every day guarantees its cleanliness? How to ensure that the water we drink can completely remove harmful substances? Or our gasoline, how to remove some particulate matter, the rest of the parts that can be used? When these things we use need to be filtered before they can be used, the rabbit introduces the standards of the basket filter to see how high the requirements of the basket filter are!Basket filter standardBasket filter manufacturing standard for pipeFlangeMain technical parameters for the main purpose of the connecting high and low take-over basket filter: housing material: carbon steel, stainless steel (SUS304L/SUS316/sus4l), lining fluorine, plastic (PP, PVC, etc ). material of filter core of coarse filter: filter frame, filter screen is stainless steel. sealing ring material: PTFE. working temperature: carbon steel is-40 ℃ ~ 380 ℃, stainless steel is-80 ℃ ~ Standard for manuf

Demi Co, Ltd. upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. Demi Company's location enjoys a beautiful environment with traffic convenience, which is good for the outward transportation of aroma beads. With a focus on customers' potential needs, Demi Company has the ability to provide one-stop solutions. ODM services are in offer at .

Computer room air conditioning design tips you don't know Lead: in some cases, some owners orDecoration CompanyNot considering the computer room.Air conditioningThe rationality of the design has caused many losses that should not have occurred. It is undoubtedly necessary to know more about the air conditioning design of the computer room. Next, let me quickly explain more problems that should be paid attention to in the air conditioning design of the computer room!Because it is a computer room with a large number of precision electronic equipment such as computers, many of the equipment in it is greatly affected by its humidity and temperature, and its performance is also affected to varying degrees. In order to protect these vulnerable electronic components, mechanical components and materials, and select the appropriate computer room air conditioner, the following points need to be paid special attention:(1) According to the calorific value of the equipment in the computer room, the c
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