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How long is delivery time of soaker pad ?
Demi Co, Ltd. provides customers with quality products and services; Demi Company creates value for customers! Please contact us! Demi Company, a Professional Supplier of soaker pad absorbent food pad produced by Demi Company stands out among many products in the same category. And the specific advantages are as follows. Guided by the actual needs of customers, our team provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.

Does the filter material need to be pressed tight when the walnut shell filter is filtered? The filter is a successful separation equipment developed by the filtration separation principle. The oil-resistant filter material-special walnut shell is used as the filter medium, and the walnut shell is characterized by large surface accumulation, strong adsorption and large interception capacity, remove oil and suspended solids from the water. The device has two controls, automatic and manual. When filtering, the water flow is top-down and filtered through the water distributor, filter material layer and water collector. When washing back, the mixer flipped the filter material, and the water flow was bottom-up, so that the filter material was thoroughly cleaned and regenerated. if it is useful, please give \ 'praise'. if there are any questions, you can continue to ask, thank you. Hydraulic flooding is a common oil production method in oil fields. when water flooding is carried out in oil fields, the comprehensive

Small vacuum pump, how to choose? 1. start the problem with load.If the micro-air pump already has a vacuum or a exhaust port before starting, consider another technical parameter of the pump: The maximum starting load Pis value of the air inlet, maximum starting load Pos value for exhaust port. A typical application case is to use a micro-gas pump to maintain a vacuum or positive pressure state in the container. when the vacuum or positive pressure in the container is lower than the set value, the pump needs to be electrically started and stopped when it is higher than the set value. The products that can be started under the limit vacuum degree that they can achieve are: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH Series, VBH series; the products that can be started under the maximum output pressure that they can achieve are: FM series, FAA series, and PCF series. This performance has higher requirements for the manufacturer's technical level.2. medium temperature proble
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