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How is food dry ice made?

by:Demi     2021-03-24
Dry ice is solid CO2. It has a low temperature of minus 78°C. The cold storage is 1.5 times that of water ice. It produces white smoke due to heat absorption, which is sublimated to CO2 gas. It is non-toxic, odorless, and has no residues. It has a disinfection and sterilization effect. Can create romantic and charming smoke, so food dry ice and food have an indissoluble bond.
'Dry ice' can be used for artificial rainfall. If it does not rain for a long time in the sweltering summer, cannonballs containing 'dry ice' can be shot into the clouded sky. After a while, the pouring rain is pouring down.
This is because 'dry ice' vaporizes and absorbs heat, which causes water vapor to condense into water droplets, causing artificial rainfall.
CO2 pressurizes \ lowers the temperature to become solid, and it will sublime when placed at room temperature, so basically, this dry ice is used to make smoke on the stage. CO2 carbon dioxide solid carbon dioxide, commonly known as dry ice carbon dioxide gas if added When the pressure and temperature are reduced to a certain level, a white, snow-like solid will form. This concrete can directly become gas without melting, so it is called 'dry ice.'
Dry ice has an excellent cooling effect, such as making ice cream. 'Dry ice' is also a good preservative. Fish, meat, and other perishable foods are shipped thousands of miles away. You can use 'dry ice' to keep these foods fresh. Eggs can be frozen and kept fresh for almost an indefinite period. When placed in carbon dioxide gas, the flower buds can remain unflowered for three days.

Food dry ice use scope and precautions
Food dry ice has special effects such as refreshing, novelty, and beautiful, beautiful vision, high-end feeling, and lasting aftertaste in the production of various foods. When dry ice-assisted food-making technology enters your hotel or hotel, your customers will be more satisfied and even cheered. They will give you an absolute advantage in the competition among peers.
Food dry ice is solid CO2, which has a low temperature of minus 78°C, and its cold storage is 1.5 times that of water ice. It absorbs heat and produces white smoke, which is sublimated into CO2 gas. It is non-toxic, odorless, and has no residue, and it has the effect of disinfection and sterilization. Used in hotels or hotels to assist in food production will not change the original taste of the dishes and give people a relaxed and happy psychological feeling such as warmth, romance, novelty, and fairyland.

Application range of dry ice in the food industry
1. Add dry ice cubes to wine, cocktails, or beverages. It is excellent and delicious when drinking, and the glass is filled with smoke, which is very pleasant.
2. Add dry ice when making ice cream, so the ice cream will not melt quickly. Dry ice is particularly suitable for cold storage of take-out ice cream.
3. For the seafood specialties made in star hotels and restaurants, adding dry ice to the table can produce white smoke scenery and improve the banquet's quality, such as making lobster sashimi.
4. Lobster, crab, shark fin, and other seafood are frozen and refrigerated. Dry ice does not contain meltwater and is cleaner and cleaner than water ice refrigeration. It is widely used in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries.
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