Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How can I get to know meat packers quality before placing an order?
For studying the quality of the meat pack , customers are more likely to visit our factory. Meanwhile, asking a sample is also a fantastic way. The large proportion of return customers may supply you invaluable reference that we're really reliable.

Upon the core capabilities as a respected producer of wholesale aroma beads, Demi Co, Ltd. provides highly flexible manufacturing for customers. Demi Company's super absorbent polymer series contains multiple sub-products. The material used for Demi Company is new and good for health. The product provides cost-effective absorption for food packages. Dehydrated food helps reduce nutrition loss. By simply removing the water content, the dehydrated food still maintains the high nutritional value of foods and the best flavors. With high quality absorbent polymer, it can perform superior absorption.

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