Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How are materials used by Demi for producing absorbent pad ?
Demi Co, Ltd. could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. super absorbent pads developed by Demi Company is widely used, mainly in the following scenes. Consulting and order from friends of all walks of life are welcomed! We sincerely look forward to your consulting and purchase! The super absorbent pads series is one of the main products of Demi Company.

What is mechanical filtration and what equipment is there? Such as sand cylinder, multi-media filtration, activated carbon filtration, etc,The filter medium is hard particles,Uniform distribution of filter materials along the direction of filter flow,Therefore, the specific surface area is small, the amount of sewage interception is small, the filtration speed is slow, and the filtration accuracy is low,,The filtration rate is generally 10 m/h.Below m2,The advantage is that it is easy to reverse wash and regenerate;Elastic fiber filter material,Including fiber ball filter material and fiber bundle filter material,Fast filtration speed, high filtration accuracy,However, the amount of interception is limited,Backwashing is not possible,Not easy to regenerate,Built-in air bag for filter equipment,Difficult management,The filter speed is generally 20-50 m/h.M2,;Now the traditional process will be replaced sooner or later,Fiber filters are now more and more used by enterprises.For example: the AFF (asymmet

Why has the sewage outlet been running water after the water purifier is installed? There is a glue plug at the sewage outlet. you check that the glue plug is not there, plug it tight, and then check the pipeline. if necessary, ask someone to repair it. Because he wants to drain the sewage out of the water purifier, also known as the water purifier faucet water purifier and filter, it is a small water treatment equipment for deep purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. Generally speaking, the water purifier refers to a small filter used as a household. The water purifier can be divided into many kinds according to different purification principles and processes. Among them, RO reverse osmosis technology has the highest filtration accuracy (filtration accuracy is 0.0001 microns), since the pore diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is only one in 100,000 of the diameter of the hair wire, only water molecules and dissolved oxygen are allowed to pass through, all the impuriti
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