Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
Usually, if you want to get an OEM deal, then your order quantity needs to reach MOQ. You have to achieve an order worth to make a product. To learn more, please consult with our customer support. Our firm offers world-class products for every client's unique needs. During our OEM service, we look forward to supplying you with quality dri loc meat pads .

Demi Co, Ltd., a company specializing in the manufacture of Absorbent pad in China, has ample experience in product design and development. Demi Company focuses on providing a variety of aroma beads for customers. The material of Demi Company will not take any bad effect on people during use. The product ensures no leakage when the packaging is opened. The product helps add more food choice for people recipe. People who bought this product agree that they find a new way to change the simple fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthy snacks. The product provides cost-effective absorption for food packages.

Demi Company insists on taking absorbent meat pad supplier as the direction of business development. Call!
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