Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about the management mechanism of Demi Company?
Demi Co, Ltd. has a management mechanism to effectively enable normal business operations. Management mechanisms such as risk, finance, and energy conservation are included. We learn from foreign companies to make a better management mechanism. This helps to successfully conduct business.

Over the years, Demi Company has become a favorable choice for manufacturing absorbent pads for food packaging. We provide competitive and high-quality products in the industry. Demi Company's soaker pads series contains multiple sub-products. Made from high-quality food pads, absorbent pads has been the best selling product in Demi Company. It ensures longer production runs and expanded distribution range. The product eliminates the worry of over dehydration and scorch of food, enabling users to do their work or rest freely. It disperses at a fast and clean rate, giving the food unbeatable absorbency.

Different from traditional products, our absorbent food pad is more cutting edge and bring you greater convenience. Please contact us!
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