Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about styrofoam meat trays after-sales service?
Demi Co, Ltd. excels at cope with pre-sales and after-sales issues faced by our customers. Our after-sales service staff is made up of a group of seasoned consultants that provide outstanding customer services. Your satisfaction with our business and meat tray is our objective!

Demi Company stands out for its capacity for manufacturing meat tray absorbent pad. We have accumulated a wealth of expertise in production. Demi Company's super absorbent pads series contains multiple sub-products. This product comes with the advantage of a multilevel arrangement. It can be stacked at eye-level, floor-level and even at middle-level. The product is an economical choice, adding value to retailers and distributors. Using this product gives people versatile and boundless diet opportunities. Not only for barbeque, but it can also serve for toast, steam, and smoke in any season of the year. It is widely used for absorbing excess water from all kinds of foods.

Demi Company firmly believe after-sales service is very important. Please contact.
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