Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about soaker pads after-sales service?
Demi Co, Ltd. has developed the business in a brand-new way and has won many honorary qualifications in the industry. Now we enjoy a large influence in the industry. Good location advantages and developed transportation and infrastructure are conducive to long-term development. Demi Company could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. Highly reliable ODM services are also available in .

Junior chemistry points 2 Mg O2 is ignited or Δ2magnesium is burned violently.Bright white light.White solid is generated.Heat release.S O2 ignited a light blue flame in the air, such as severe combustion, heat release, stimulating flavor gas.The formation of a white precipitate of CaCO 3 H 2 O 2 = Ca (H 3) 2 gradually dissolved the cave,Ca (HCO3) 2 △ O 3 O 2 O 2 O 2 O 2 C, white precipitation, the gas that causes the clarification of lime water to become turbid, and the scale is formed.The Black of CuO CO Δcu CO2 gradually turns red,HCl AgNO 3 = AgCl ↓ HNO 3 generates white precipitation and does not dissolve in dilute nitric acid to test Cl-Ba (OH) 2 sulfuric acid = baso2o2h2o generates white precipitation and is not dissolved in dilute nitric acid for the test of so-2-BaCl2 sulfuric acid = baso4↓ 2HCl generates white precipitation and is not dissolved in dilute nitric acid for the test of

How about the water front filter? Please comment if you are familiar with it. At present, there are three main pre-filter supply to the market.The first one is the high-end CILLY water pressure control King QZ2 front filter, which not only can filter and purify up to 40 microns, but also can have the function of voltage control and pressure control through King Kong pressure control technology.The second is the simple CILLY water Lishui King Kong QZ1 pre-filter, and the filtering accuracy can reach 40 microns, while the pre-filter on the general market basically has a filtering accuracy of 70 microns, therefore, the filtering accuracy of the overall water front filter is relatively high.The third one is the CILLY water Lishui Linglong QZ3 front filter, which is a transparent filter bottle explosion-proof front filter. the built-in one is the PP cotton filter element, and the back end is generally connected with a higher-end precision water purifier, for example, if another high-end brand of Shuili imported
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