Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about production technology for sorbent socks in Demi?
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What is the Nano effect? Nano is the unit of length,Originally called millimicron,Is 10 ^-9 m (one meter per 1 billion ).Nano Science and Technology,Sometimes referred to as nanotechnology,It is to study the properties and applications of materials with structural dimensions in the range of 1 to 100 nm.Nano-effect means that nano-materials have strange or abnormal physical and chemical properties that traditional materials do not have,If the originally conductive copper does not conduct electricity to a certain nano-scale boundary,The original insulating silica, crystals, etc,Start conducting at a certain nano-scale boundary.This is due to the small particle size, large specific surface area, high surface energy, large proportion of surface atoms, etc,And its unique three effects: surface effect, small size effect and macro quantum tunnel effect.The surface area of the spherical particles is proportional to the square of the diameter,Its volume is directly proportion

How to sterilize the total air filter and sub-filter? When the total filter is sterilized,We must ensure the pressure of steam,The pressure of use must be 0.3 ~ 0.Between 4 MPa,The pressure of the filter should be 0 during sterilization.15 ~ 0.About 20 MPa.Small and medium-sized filters generally hold pressure 45 ~ 60 min,The holding time of the total filter (first-class filter) is 1.5 ~ 2 h.For filters for new media,The sterilization time should be extended appropriately,Generally extended by 15 ~ 20 min.After sterilization, blow the media dry with compressed air,The drying time can be determined according to the water absorption properties of the medium and the size of the filter.The drying time of glass fiber is slightly short,Cotton medium is slightly longer,The drying time of small and medium-sized filters is 1 ~ 2 h,Large filters can reach 2 ~ 4 h.When blowing with compressed air,Air flow should be appropriate,Too small to blow,It is too easy to turn the media over,It causes the air to go short and brin
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