Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about production process for oil spill containment ?
To present satisfying spill containment , It is vital to start with the production processes in mind to be able to create unique new layouts that are affordable. To be standout, Demi Co, Ltd. should pay attention to customers' requests in production. Every production stage ought to be modulated with great care.

Demi Company is a aroma beads manufacturer with a full line of collection. We are good at introducing new products depending on changing demands. Demi Company's absorbent pads series contains multiple sub-products. The production of Demi Company absorbent meat pad supplier is combined with the latest technology. The product significantly extends the shelf life of the food. Being high quality and cost competitive, the product will surely become one of the highly marketable products. It is specially designed to absorb excess moisture and oil.

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