Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
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Demi Co, Ltd. could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. soaker pads developed by Demi Company is widely used, mainly in the following scenes. Consulting and order from friends of all walks of life are welcomed! We sincerely look forward to your consulting and purchase! The Absorbent seafood pads series is one of the main products of Demi Company.

How to use air compressor oil and water separator? After the preliminary treatment of this oil-water separator, the large oil slick and large particle oil droplets are removed, and then the condensate flows into the pre-filter, which has the condensation effect on the oil, it will condense the tiny oil droplets suspended in the liquid into large oil droplets and float on them. The pre-filtered condensate enters the activated carbon filter to absorb a small amount of residual oil and trace emulsion. The water treated by the oil-water separator is discharged directly.Oil-water separator of air compressor1. it is small in size, mobile and convenient to use.2. separation of the two levels, good effluent effect, and direct discharge of the standard.3. without the pretreatment of dosing, direct discharge can be achieved.

What kind of filter equipment does porcelain fish tank use? There are many types of filter equipment for porcelain fish tanks,Here we mainly introduce the following types: air lift biochemical cotton filter, barrel external filter, top filter of aquarium, fish tank filter with shape.Fix the biochemical cotton at the entrance of the water pump,Water flow is forced to circulate in biochemical cotton by water pump,Air is mixed to increase oxygen in water flow according to jet principle.The residual bait, biological excrement and other organic substances in the water can be absorbed on the surface of the sponge.Advantages: simple structure, low unit price,Use it directly in the fish tank water.Disadvantages: the filtering principle is simple and the effect is poor,Clean biochemical Cotton frequently,Placed in the fish tank to affect the viewing.Suitable for excessive use in small fish tanks during breeding and isolation treatment periods,But the water quality is too dirty.Generally, closed bar
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