Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
How about absorbent pad related services?
Which filter manufacturers professional? 1. efficient and accurate filtration: filter plate filtration technology with special structure, with accurate and sensitive performance, ensures that only particles with smaller particle size than required can enter the system, and is the most effective filtration system; the specifications are 5 mu, 10 mu, 20 mu, 55 mu, 100 mu, 130 mu, 200 mu, etc., users can choose different precision filter plates according to the water requirements. System traffic can be flexibly adjusted as needed.2. standard modularization and saving land occupation: the system is based on the standard disc filter unit. according to the modular design, users can choose and choose on demand, flexible and changeable, and have strong exchange. The system is compact and covers an extremely small area. it can be installed flexibly with corner space. for example, the equipment with a water handling capacity of 300m3/h covers an area of only about 6m2 square meters (general water quality and filtra

Demi Co, Ltd. could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. absorbent pads for meat packaging developed by Demi Company is widely used, mainly in the following scenes. Consulting and order from friends of all walks of life are welcomed! We sincerely look forward to your consulting and purchase! The super absorbent polymer series is one of the main products of Demi Company.

What matters need to pay attention to when using industrial vacuum cleaner? In order to ensure the motor life of the vacuum cleaner,1. please vacuum the dust when vacuuming the dust (or paper bag,The bag) and the filter element are installed on the machine correctly,Make sure the filter is dry,And after each use of the machine,Clean up the garbage in the dust bucket and the dust on the filter in time.2. remove the filter cartridge and dust when cleaning the filter,Blow out of the inside with compressed air,Or wash with water,Dry and reuse.(Do not install the filter on the machine and blow it directly from the outside with compressed air.) Dust partition cloth is recommended to be purchased and replaced in time according to the specific situation,Time in (3-3. if a vacuum cleaner sucks a lot of water (or liquid,Be sure to separate the dust (or paper bag,Bag) and filter element removed,Then use the vacuum cleaner to absorb water.If the suction is significantly reduced during use,Please shut down in time,
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