Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
Does Demi provide EXW for absorbent pads?
Do you want to install a front filter before central water purification? The front filter is a pre-treatment, which can first dispose of large particles from tap water. installing the front filter will effectively prolong the service life of the central water purifier. It is recommended that the installation should be considered within the scope of the budget license,

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Several common filtering methods for sea tanks? ◆ Small cylinder upper filtration \ r ◇ can be improved by the original simple equipment,However, the motor may have to buy a stronger one.\ R ◇ can be increased by three to four layers as needed.\ R ◇ the first layer can be filtered, and then activated carbon or special filter material (biochemical cotton) can be placed ),The ceramic ring or other filter material (biochemical \ r ball) is placed on the third layer ),Finally, the original filter can also put biochemical balls.\ R ◆ bottom sand filtration ◇ don't drive the water flow by air alone,So the water flow will be insufficient.\ R ◇ bottom sand can be selected with a diameter of 4mm ~ 10mm can,The thickness can be too thick at several centimeters, which will cause poor filtration.\ R ◇ wave board please spend a little more money to buy a dust collection effect is much better.\ R ◇ it is best to filter and use it with the upper part or other filters,Better effect,Because the filter can be used to filter th
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