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Do you know how to extend the shelf life of salmon?

Do you know how to extend the shelf life of salmon?


Salmon can not be eaten if it is not preserved well, it is perishable and can breed bacteria.


How to preserve salmon well?


1, storage temperature: 0-4℃.

2. Use containers with drainage holes.

3. Use plastic film to avoid direct contact between fish body and water.

4. Put the whole fish on a bed of ice to keep warm and cover it with crushed ice.


You can also use fresh water pad, using Demi brand meat water pad, can make the shelf life of salmon longer, more fresh.


The function of the absorbent pad is:

Absorb excess blood or residual liquid of salmon to extend the freshness period and ensure product quality.


Fresh water absorbent pad can also preserve vegetables, fruits, meat.


Demi brand’s absorbent pads are of better quality than other absorbent pads

1. After the blood water is absorbed, the gel is locked in the absorbent pad and will not reverse osmosis.

2, water absorption pad is very tough.

3. The four sides are tightly sealed and the particles can not leak out


Company’s strength

1. 18 years of production and research experience

2. It has 28 automatic production lines

3, international certification: BRCS, ISO, FDA certification

4. Products are sold all over the world

3. More than 200 new products are developed every year


They chose the absorbent pad from Demi co; ltd

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