Can where can i buy water beads be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
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What are the compressed air precision filters? Precision filter (compressed air filter,Pipe filter,Precision filter fine grading: A head filter can remove A large amount of liquid and solid particles above 3 μm,The minimum residual oil content reached only 5ppm,There is a small amount of water, dust and oil mist.For air compressor,After the rear cooler,Before other filters,For general protection;Before the cold,As a pre-treatment device.The B air pipeline filter can filter out liquid and solid particles as small as 1 μm,The minimum residual oil content is only 0.5ppm,There is a trace of water, dust and oil mist.Used for pre-treatment before class a filter;After cold and sucking,Further improve the air quality.C super efficient oil removal filter can filter out as little as 0.Liquid and solid particles of 01 μm,The minimum residual oil content is only 0.001ppm,Almost all moisture, dust and oil are removed.For H-level filtering and suction,Play a protective role,After the cold,Make sure there is no oil in t

What is a disposable purification dispensing room? (Specific) is there a company in Chengdu that does this project? Gusu purification has a special person in Chengdu!!They do better in this country.The project quotation depends on the area!!!Generally speaking, about 1500 yuan a flat!!Process equipment is not included!You can add me,Communicate with you!!Hospital infection management is an important part of ensuring medical quality,According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health's 'regulations on hospital infection management' [1,In order to reduce the pollution of pathogenic microorganisms in the air on intravenous or muscle injection and improve work efficiency,We have successfully studied and trial-produced the intravenous muscle injection purification liquid distribution table (hereinafter referred to as the purification table ),And obtained the patent of Chinese utility model (patent certificate No. 96232737.9 ).The introduction is as follows.1 instruments, equipment and materials 1.1 Instrument:
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