Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)
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The newly renovated house wants to buy a front water purifier. what should I pay attention? Matters needing attention when purchasing the pre-water purifier: 1. there must be water-related approval documents. in accordance with China's relevant regulations, manufacturers who produce or sell water purifiers must obtain a water-related sanitation license approved by the superior health supervision department, and each brand, each model of water purifier has only one batch number of hygiene license. Before purchasing, you must let the sales merchant show the approval of the water-related sanitation license. 2. try to choose the front filter of the backwashing filter. according to the working principle, it can be divided into stacked filter, flush filter, siphon filter, backwashing filter and floor heating front filter. According to the working principle, the front filter that is most suitable for home at present should be a backwashing filter. The working principle of the backwashing filter is: when the filter n

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Air filter cloth specification model? The air filter of the coating machine can be divided into initial effect, medium effect and high efficiency;The high-efficiency filters used are generally required to be high temperature resistant;Rfilter gave Huayang for a long time,Beiren and some imported coating machines are equipped with air filters,He is also more experienced in this area,The following is a reference section for your reference: (1) artificial fiber filter materials are commonly used in primary air filters,The outer frame is made of solid, moisture-proof hard paper frame.No deformation, rupture, distortion in normal operating environment.In addition, the filter material is fixed diagonal before and after the frame.The tightly bonded outer frame of the filter material and the outer frame prevents gas leakage.The primary filter is mainly suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems, air return filtration of clean rooms, pre-filtration of local high-efficiency filtration d
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