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Benefits of using absorbent pads

by:Demi     2021-03-24
1. Strong water absorption and storage capacity
● Unique design, with built-in water-absorbing beads, and the outer film contains a water-locking device, which can absorb a large amount of water without overflowing.

2. Reduce storage space
● The design of the absorbent meat pad is slim, saving storage space.

3. Provide personalized design services
● Water absorption can be flexibly designed to meet various requirements.

4. Absorbent meat pads can make the meat display freezer more beautiful
● High water absorption, coupled with super water storage capacity, can maintain the display freezer for a long time clean, attracting consumers' eyes.
● Reduce the cost of cleaning materials and labor for the display cabinet.

5. Can provide customers with greater satisfaction
● The packaging can be kept clean and attractive to consumers.
● The locked water will not overflow, and it will remain clean after the sale.
● The absorbent pad will not stick to fresh meat, and it is easy to clean up even after freezing.

Absorbent paper use
1. The preservation of aquatic products, meat, fruit, and vegetable products.
2. Automatically absorb more water.
3. Ensure that the food maintains a fresh appearance for a long time.
4. It is widely used in the finishing packaging of aquatic products and meat products.

Place a sheet-shaped absorbent meat mat of the appropriate size on the bottom of the plastic plate containing meat foods and fruit-thin foods, and then put the meat on the mat. The method of use is simple, fast, and convenient.
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