Any spill mat stock in Demi Company?
Our current products are stocked in Demi Co, Ltd. factory. If you are interested in , then you are free to contact our staff to inquire about the detailed information. Generally, there are regular products stored in our factory. We can send related sample to you. If you need some custom service, then we are capable of customizing products based on your needs. But it will take longer time to get the products you want.

Demi Company isn't just another one of the countless manufacturers of meat tray absorbent pad in China. We are an established business with the intention of developing a global network. Demi Company's absorbent pads for meat packaging series contains multiple sub-products. This product provides fine graphics which are printed effectively and in the most visually appealing way whether it is in Litho, Flexo or Digital print format. With high quality absorbent polymer, it can perform superior absorption. The product benefits people by retaining the original nutrients of food such as vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes. A journal of American even said that the dried fruits had twice the amount of antioxidants as their fresh ones. It provides an exceptional absorbent presentation surface for food.

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