Any promotion team established by Demi Company in foreign countries?
Demi Co, Ltd. has its own promotion team in China to help us deal with the business in domestic and foreign markets. In order to enhance the brand image, we have successfully established a professional team. They are skilled at using their ability to promote us through different channels, mainly including online promotion. By establishing our own promotion team, we have gained more and more popularity, attracting more and more customers to buy our dry ice pack at home and abroad.

Demi Company offers the best quality large absorbent pads at the best price to performance ratio, along with the superior service. Demi Company's soaker pads series contains multiple sub-products. The manufacturing of Demi Company reusable dry ice packs is in line with customers' design requirements. It is specially designed to absorb excess moisture and oil. This product is waterproof. The seams on it are applied with seam sealer that will keep moisture from seeping through. Its exudate is bound in the core and will not leak.

The corporate culture of reusable dry ice packs have played a powerful role in the reform and development of our team. Get info!
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