Any export certifications on soaker pads ?
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How simple is the courtyard fish pond water cycle filter? Put a submersible pump in the pool,The three boxes were also put in the water,Put filter cotton bottom punching on top.The second layer is punched at the bottom of the rattan cotton biochemical ball,The bottom layer can pave the way for germ houses and so on,Make a water hole.The submersible pump pumped water to the finishing box and returned to the fish pond layer by layer.In addition,If it's too much trouble,The whole set of equipment can be purchased online.With the development of economy and technology,Mechanical Automation has achieved rapid development.We note that the biggest reason for the environmental load is the cleaning work of the manufacturing industry.Cleaning engineering in manufacturing,Usually, a large amount of solvent and detergent is used to remove grease and dust on the surface of the part.However, the use of solvents and detergents will inevitably increase the displacement,Thus greatly increase the environmental load.Baid

Is there a centralized feeding system for cutting fluid? The centralized feeding system of cutting fluid is a centralized processing scheme,This includes the filtration of cutting fluid, oil removal, treatment of waste residue, monitoring of cutting fluid concentration, ratio, etc,The emergence of new forms of paper belt filtration equipment is also to change the shortcomings of the previous traditional filtration form and to improve the use environment of cutting fluids.Its composition is: the paper belt filter machine is composed of transmission mechanism, chain, chain network and hair making mechanism.When working,Through paper tape,Fine chips and impurities are attached to the surface of the tape,Chips and impurities gradually accumulate until the paper tape is blocked,At this time the liquid level rise,Float up the float,The agency sent a message,The reducer drives the chain and the chain,Discharge dirt and dirty paper tape into the sewage box,The liquid level of the sewage liquid decreased a
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