Any discount for large orderabsorbent pad?
What is the filtration method of activated carbon filter? What are the features? Activated carbon filtration,According to the adsorption characteristic of activated carbon, activated carbon is mainly used to remove pollutants, discoloration, filtration and purification of liquid and gas in water,It is also used for the purification of air, the recovery of waste gas (such as the recovery of gas benzene in the chemical industry), the recovery and refinement of precious metals (such as the absorption of gold ).Activated carbon is mainly made of substances with high carbon content,Such as wood, coal, Shell, bone, oil residue, etc.With coconut shells as the most commonly used raw material,Under the same conditions,The active quality and other properties of the coconut shell are the best,Because it has the largest surface.Activated carbon is a kind of charcoal with multiple pore sizes,There is a very rich pore structure,Good adsorption properties,Its adsorption is made of physical and chemical absorption force,

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Water Front filter brand how to say in English? Water pre-filter brand the brand of water pre-filter
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