your questions on running - foot pads

by:Demi     2019-09-10
your questions on running  -  foot pads
Arthritis, fractures, pain in the knee, and shin splints;
This is a group of harmful injuries that often plot to stop runners from hitting the road.
With the appearance of the wear rack, the runner is afraid of the Doctor's solution: stop running.
"Only runners understand that this is the death penalty!
Listen to Zhong An Glenn write to NPR. Dr.
Mark kukurzera, an associate professor of family medicine at the University of West Virginia, faces such a dilemma that his big toe arthritis threatens to end his run.
Cucuzzella had surgery on his foot and then looked for a lower impact way to keep up with his daily running.
He found the technique of Danny Dreyer's ChiRunning method useful to him.
Here, two marathon runners answer your questions about how to make running useful to you.
Danny drrell, founder of the ChiRunning approach, replied: I 've always heard that I shouldn't expect to run forever. Why not?
Will the body really wear out? Or will we get hurt more easily? --
Anna Scott of alritz Scottsdale
Running won't hurt your body, but the way you run is OK.
Almost all leg injuries are overused injuries because people need those smaller muscles to do most of the push, and they just don't intend to do that, both your toes and knees.
Is there any modification that helps the Walker (
Especially faster walkers)and hikers? --
Tricia Sutton of Wau Gen is ill.
For fast walkers, we recommend a technique similar to walking, which uses fast, short steps.
The upper body is slightly tilted forward so that gravity can help push forward.
To do this, you raise the pelvis by touching the muscles of the lower abdomen-
It feels like making a slight crunch.
Grab the crunch and let your hips swing freely.
In this way, the core muscles of the body are used to reduce the workload of the leg muscles.
The technology is fully introduced in our book ChiWalking: five steps of attention for lifelong health and energy.
What part of your landing foot should you be in ChiRunning? Heel, mid-
The ball of the foot or the foot? --Cheryl-
Settled Stan, Kingston, Jamaica runner-upfoot.
It will land immediately with your entire foot, and then you pick up your entire foot again and let your heel float behind you.
This is not the traditional heel. to-
Therefore, there is no chance to touch the ground heel first, which will lead to braking.
There is also no chance to push forward with your toes, resulting in injuries to the calf, calf and ankle. I am a 43-year-
Many attempts have been made to start the old man of the sports program, including jogging.
However, after a few weeks, my calf pain was unbearable.
Can your approach help avoid this problem? --
Millie Bires, Russell, Pa
Yes, we have cured more cases of shin splints than I have counted.
We teach runners how to run without using calf propulsion.
If you have never touched your calf muscles, there is no way for you to get a calf splint.
But if you push away with your toes, then at some point your entire weight will be pushed forward by the smallest muscle in your body.
These calf muscles are really excessive.
If I practice basic tai chi exercises while running without a special "tilt", does this help my running? --
Clark Harper Winston SalemC.
Yes, it will help to improve your running level as it will train you to maintain your posture and horizontal pelvis.
Of course, it depends on the level of ability of your tai chi teacher.
Some teachers teach only the movements of tai chi, while others teach the internal focus used in Tai Chi.
This is the type of teacher you should look.
How Chi runs is different from the posture method advocated by Dr.
Nicholas Romanov?
I practice the pose method and it sounds very similar to me. --
David Boyce of Evanston is ill.
The Bell and posture have the same focus of tilt to attract gravity to advance.
This is the only similarity I can see.
In posture, doctor.
Romanov had runners landing on their front feet while the runners landed in their middlefoot.
Landing on your front foot requires your entire body to be temporarily supported by your calf, which is long term for you
Long-distance runners, more than muscle design.
Posture is more about using legs.
With ChiRunning, we let runners relax their calves as much as possible at any time to reduce the work on the calves (
This is one of the main areas where running damage occurs).
We let runners stretch their stride and increase their body to run faster instead of speeding up their stride.
If your rhythm is accelerating, as I think the pose method suggests, you need more leg muscles to turn your legs faster.
If you're a sprinter and your game ends in 10 seconds, that's fine.
But teaches, the coach-
Long-distance runners rely more on your thinness than your legs, and in the end, it will save your legs.
How to reduce the pressure on the lower back more effectively? --
Mike Breen from Melrose, Florida
Main remedial measures under-
Back pain is to stabilize the pelvis by slightly squeezing the lower abdominal muscles.
Leveling your pelvis will reduce the pressure on your back muscles and discs.
A stable pelvis also helps to prevent problems with the hips and IT bands.
I use tai chi techniques to avoid injuries when I run, but it doesn't seem to work for my knee pain. Any tips? --
Sean Kingston, Pittsburgh, Pa.
There are two main causes of knee pain for runners.
The first reason is that your heel is in front of your body.
This will have a big impact on your knees as you basically brake every step of the way.
When you start to lean forward (From the ankle)
When you run, your impact point will be more under your center of gravity than in front of your center of gravity, severely reducing the amount of impact on your knee.
The second possible cause of knee pain is that there is 1 feet pain when you land.
For many people, their right foot is due to the fact that their heel has rested for many years before the brake pedal, while their toes are on the accelerator pedal.
This position trains your feet to turn outward as you run, instead of pointing to the front.
When training yourself to run, your feet always point to the front, which will reduce the chance of knee pain or injury.
All these technologies need to reconnect your nervous system. -
How the brain communicates with muscles.
It does take time to disconnect these nerve connections and establish new ones.
Some psychologists say it will take 40 days to build a new habit.
It's hard, but one way to see it is that it's only difficult in 40 days.
Using an elliptical machine seems to be better than the shock I get on the treadmill.
But after 45 minutes I still feel the pressure on my feetminute workout.
How does your running style help you? --
Damon Williams, TrentonJ.
The problem with the elliptical trainer is that most of the pads on the model are placed too far, and many times the load on the outside of the foot and leg increases.
This is because your feet are not allowed to come down from under your center of gravity, but from one side.
Unfortunately, this is uncorrectable considering the design of the machine.
I suggest doing indoor exercise on the treadmill. -
Use lower
The method of ringing the bell--
Your foot impact can be more natural and closer to your center line.
You can also reduce the impact by keeping the treadmill set at a slight tilt and running slower than outdoors.
The following questions are Dr.
Mark kukurazera, an associate professor of family medicine at the University of West Virginia and Air Force marathon champion last weekend: ChiRunning seems to be more efficient.
This makes me a little curious.
Will I burn fewer calories if I run more efficiently?
So maybe I should try to keep it inefficient! --
Lucas McKnight, Westfield, New YorkY. Great question.
By using a large muscle group trained in endurance, you can burn calories most effectively.
This is the core muscle group (
Abdominal, back muscles)
There are also large moving companies, such as running venues and legs.
For example, doing multiple sets of wrist curls consumes very little calories-
The same is true of running with inefficient muscles.
These muscles get tired before they actually burn calories.
Injury or pain can interfere with calorie burning as you will not be able to run or run too slowly to keep your engine in the first gear.
The ultimate goal is to train pain.
Free daily to avoid excessive fatigue.
So the simple answer is that efficiency is worth it for life-long calorie burning, injury --
Run and enjoy for free.
If you can run 1,000 calories a day, you can also eat cake.
What do you think about running barefoot or Nike Free shoes?
I 've heard that shoes or shoes that don't have less buff will improve your bio-mechanics. --
Nina cruise, Brooklyn, New YorkY.
The free design works with the normal anatomical structure of gait and barefoot movement.
If you have done a lot of barefoot activities in your life, you can easily adapt to these minimalist shoes, or because you have developed a sense of the body (
Consciousness of fine motion)and small-
Muscle strengthening.
Most of us in the West have not evolved this way, so be careful.
For a lucky runner (or trained)
With good biochemistry and a soft surface (grass or beach)
Running barefoot is a good way to train.
For regular casual runners, I don't recommend doing this often (
At least at first)
, But maybe as a supplement if there is no pain.
Like any new activity, pain should develop graduallyfree zone.
Are there any suggestions for weight over weight before running the program?
Can you lose weight to avoid joint injuries? --
Jack edbrok, frosmoo, is sick.
There is no "cut-off" for poor running weight"advisable.
Overweight and poor health can lead to over-use injury and pose problems.
For example, it is difficult to keep the appropriate low
If you have 50 pounds on your stomach, the back is aligned with the pelvis.
Having said that, as long as you can run safely, running is still the best way to burn calories to reduce body fat.
In order to really burn calories, you should exercise an average of one hour a day (
This can be segmented).
Therefore, walking/jogging can make more sense for beginners, and you can continue to exercise for a longer period of time at a certain intensity.
In the end, you may continue running.
Look at the story of Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee who followed the process.
What procedures have you had on your toes since the foot repair, and what running shoes do you wear? --
Barbara rabd, Kodiak, arathakai have "halux rigidus" on both feet, which is extensive arthritis, in the big-toe joints.
You need this joint to work properly for a normal gait.
I cut the bones off the joints of both feet to provide more mobility and relieve pain as I know it will be a temporary fix if I keep banging them
I use light sports shoes like Asics Gel Speedstar for training and racing (
No minimalist competitive shoes for me).
I have a super footbed to support my feet when I land, and an extra Costco mat (
Green neoprene pad)
There is a cut on the big toe and basically relieved the pressure on my big toe.
This is a "rigged" setting for my specific problem, but it works for me.
It's priceless to have a knowledgeable Shoemaker tailor-made shoes for you.
What I do has nothing to do with you or anyone else.
It is important to know your foot shape, how you run, what problems you have, and what you have worked for you before.
I started running since I was 13 (30 years! )
Has been plagued by injuries
I ran five marathons but ended up getting hurt.
I received the same message as you: stop running.
Only runners understand this is the death penalty! --
Ann Glen, Richmond, Va.
I have been running for almost 30 years, and I hope to run for another 30 years.
Of course, improving your body shape and having shoes that suit you will help you enjoy daily addiction (a positive one).
I'm not familiar with Richmond, but as a graduate of the Virginia University School of Medicine, I know they have a "runner clinic" in the sports medicine department ".
Call all the sources of running in Virginia, the rundown mountain run store in Charlottsville, and they can give you more information on this.
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