why use biomass for our energy needs - oil spill containment

by:Demi     2019-09-12
why use biomass for our energy needs  -  oil spill containment
Over the past five years, there has been a revolution in government, people and industry's view of energy.
In this discussion, the positive aspects of biomass energy have already taken the lead.
Why we need to use biomass: The main positive aspect of biomass is that it is part of the life cycle.
This means that it is not toxic to the environment because it is more or less harmful to the environment.
Another benefit is that biomass is almost always decomposed into its natural elements relatively quickly.
This means, especially in the long run, that the leakage of biomass fuel is far less destructive than that of oil.
The combustion of biomass produces carbon dioxide and other gases.
Of course, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.
However, proponents of biomass energy believe that the gas generated is not a real problem because they are part of the current biological cycle.
Therefore, they believe that carbon dioxide is a natural element produced in nature, which is correct.
On the other hand, fossil fuels are outside the natural biological cycle of the world because they are buried underground, which actually means that they are not part of the natural existence phase.
When we dig and mine fossil fuels from the ground up, we are adding harmful elements found in it to a system that cannot withstand massive influx.
We have used a lot of biomass fuel in our daily life.
In order to keep warm, protect and Cook, the first caves lit the fire with them.
Today, we use them to power our cars in the form of biodiesel and bioethanol.
Whether you are aware of this or not, these two fuels have been entering our cars at gas stations in parts of the country since 1990.
The reason is that they are used as additives in gasoline to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions.
In fact, federal law provides for the use of these tools in certain cities such as Los Angeles and most government vehicles.
The carbon dioxide produced by cars accounts for more than third of all greenhouse gases in China.
Compared with basic gasoline, bioethanol made from corn reduces emissions by more than 20%.
Biodiesel made from soybeans reduced emissions by 80%.
In any case, the use of biomass fuel is a step in the right direction.
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