why should you start using a vacuum sealer? - oxygen absorber

by:Demi     2019-09-08
why should you start using a vacuum sealer?  -  oxygen absorber
In the middle of 1940s, in order to save money, vacuum sealing was used as a way to preserve food.
The technology is designed to prevent food deterioration and store food for a long time, especially when it is transported long distances.
Up to today, the vacuum sealer has been widely used to preserve food, as it is a device for families to preserve and store food.
Vacuum sealing keeps food fresh by hindering the growth of bacteria, fungi and molds that require oxygen to grow and breed.
Vacuum seals remove oxygen from the food environment and deprive bacteria, fungi and molds of oxygen, thus hindering their metabolism.
The vacuum seal can also prevent the refrigerator from burning.
To prevent corrosion, a vacuum seal can even be used.
Yes, you can use your vacuum sealer to polish your silver and a lot of polish.
The benefit of using a vacuum container to preserve food increases the shelf life of the product, that is, the maximum time for packaging materials to be stored under specific conditions and still meets performance requirements.
According to the research, vacuum packaging can increase the shelf life of the product from 50% to 400%.
That's why vacuum packaging has become so popular around the world, especially in the meat industry.
Vacuum sealing allows food to be "food", "food" is "food", "food" is "food", allowing you to go to the store is usually a less frequent trip, go to the store while traveling.
Most preservatives methods require the use of chemicals to preserve food, but chemical preservatives are not required by vacuum sealing.
Vacuum seals prevent corruption and prolong the life of food mainly by suppressing the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi that require oxygen to breed, grow and metabolize food.
The vacuum that closes the food takes away the oxygen of these species, thus stopping their growth cycle and making them inert.
The use of a vacuum seal can prevent freezing burns and dehydration, and can also prevent freezing burns and dehydration.
When the food stays in the refrigerator for a long time, the burning of the refrigerator usually occurs.
When ice crystals in the food sublimate to steam and rise to the surface of the food, the refrigerator Burns, where they crystallize again into ice and/or escape into the atmosphere.
While frozen burns are not dangerous, they can spoil the taste and texture of the food.
Freezer, for example-
Burnt meat and poultry are tasteless. A good-
However, the high quality vacuum sealing bag makes the food not in contact with the air, so the moisture inside does not evaporate, thus greatly reducing the burn of the refrigerator and preventing the dehydration of the packaging material.
This will keep the flavor and texture of the vacuum sealed food, tender and rich.
Vacuum-sealed food can increase the life of frozen meat from several months to several years.
For example, vacuum-sealed beef and poultry can be stored for 2-
Frozen meat and poultry can only be stored for 6-3 years if they are routinely stored12 months.
In addition, fish stored in traditional storage can be stored in 2-
Stayed in the fridge for six months.
However, vacuum-sealed fish can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 years.
2-chilled beef and poultry should normally be consumed
3 days, but can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks if vacuum seal.
In addition, vacuum sealing can greatly extend the shelf life of dry goods such as dried fruits, coffee, grains, flour, sugar, etc.
For example, coffee beans can be stored for many years without losing their fragrance when vacuum is sealed.
Select the suitable sealing machine for different types and sizes of vacuum sealing machine.
You should figure out what you will be using before buying a vacuum sealing machine.
There are two types of household vacuum sealing machines: the countertop sealing machine and the handheld sealing machine.
Depending on the quantity and size of the food you want to store, you can choose one instead of the other.
If you seal a large amount of food, the countertop sealer will make your life easier.
They are bigger, usually more expensive, but can seal more food and bigger food.
These seals are designed to make sealed packaging suitable for long-term storage of food.
There are many sizes and models of the countertop sealer for packaging a variety of foods.
These seals are the favorite of bulk shoppers.
The handheld sealer is cheap and is ideal for a small amount of packaging.
These seals are usually used to wrap a small amount of food that is often used, such as nuts, cheese, cooked meat and snacks.
Bags used with these seals are re-used
Seal so you can open the package, take what you need and seal it again.
I personally use footdsaver month-In-
1 vacuum sealing system with countertop and hand held sealer.
The machine is simple to use and has a wide range of uses.
It is able to seal a large amount of food in a short period of time.
One of my favorite things about this machine is that it allows you to create bags of different sizes using rolls stored inside the machine and built-in rolls depending on the size of the foodin cutter.
Handheld sealer mounted on the machine with retractable hose that can suck out or re-suck out the air from the container
Plastic bags that can be sealed are very convenient.
Choosing the right vacuum sealing bag is a highly enhanced plastic bag that can produce a seal.
Before getting a vacuum sealed bag, you have to think about something as a newbie.
Thick plastic bags have longer durability and ensure long
Term seal.
Make sure your bag is at least 90 microns
Thick for safe sealing.
The size of the vacuum sealing bag should fit your food.
With plastic rolls, you can easily customize the bag size as needed.
Last but not least, these bags should not be readily available at a convenient price.
The famous bag is usually more expensive, but the average high
High quality vacuum sealing bags can be purchased at average price.
This is something I have been using for years, no problem.
General tips for vacuum sealing although the vacuum sealing bag is sealed, a small leak may be formed when the food is stored in it for a long time (
Months or years).
Therefore, oxygen can enter and destroy food gradually. High-
High quality thick vacuum bag can reduce this risk.
However, in order to further reduce this damage, it is recommended to place the vacuum-sealed food in the freezer bag, or preferably in the Maila bag.
The second bag acts as a barrier to minimize air exposure.
Mylar bags are generally opaque, so be sure to label your bags when using them.
Using an oxygen absorber can minimize damage caused by a potential leak, you can use a small food oxygen absorber
Iron powder for safe packaging.
When these packages are exposed to oxygen, the iron inside will rust and absorb oxygen molecules, thus protecting the food from oxygen.
They are highly recommended, especially if you are sealing a whole turkey or chicken because a small amount of air is often trapped inside the bird.
However, before sealing the bird, placing some oxygen absorber in the bird will absorb any oxygen.
It is important to freeze or refrigerate your food, it should be noted that perishable foods with vacuum seals still need to be refrigerated because the vacuum sealing process does not stop all bacteria and only blocks those dependencies
Bacteria that do not require oxygen can still grow and breed, and can cause disease if ingested.
These bacteria can even spread faster without competition from bacteria that require oxygen to grow.
So make sure to freeze or refrigerate the food as usual.
Conclusion vacuum sealing is a good method for keeping food fresh, which can reduce the waste of food.
The vacuum sealer helps you get more out of the purchased food by extending the life of the food.
This is a huge investment for family, family and food lovers.
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