why it’s so difficult to turn down the volume at popular restaurants - sound absorber

by:Demi     2019-09-07
why it’s so difficult to turn down the volume at popular restaurants  -  sound absorber
Jason Atherton's social Restaurant Group is operating globally, and he told me that he was inspired by the Stanton Social restaurant in New York.
The chef said he liked the joy, enthusiasm and excitement.
Ah, yes, hum.
I went to New York, to the inspiring Lower East Side restaurant, where the ground --
The restaurant on the floor and a bar on the stairs.
The buzz of the 43-year-old Atherton experience was a bell in my ear for me. It was loud—
The sound was so loud that I was not even interested in staying for a drink.
Then I found other restaurants and bars in New York very noisy.
Babbo, DBGB, only staff, fat crab: everything was too loud for me and I realized it was the soundtrack to get older.
The music and conversation that jumped off the wall was unattractive.
It helps to know that I am not alone.
Mick harknoll, 55, said: "The bad sound effect is a factor that destroys the transaction . " He's asinger and songwriter, and his band "simple red" gets
"I will avoid going back if I can't hear my friend talking. " See?
There have been no obstacles over the years.
54-year-old actor Stanley Tucci, known for movies like Hunger Games and devil in Prada, also found some venues too noisy.
"This is a very delicate balance," he said . "
"Sometimes I do like listening to music, but I don't like loud music. I don’t get it.
I think it's distracting.
I want to hear about the people around me.
The perfect sound in the restaurant is like a French bistro, Buxton. " (
Let's look forward to the devil wearing hearing aids. )
This is a thin line between noisy and lively.
Part of it is a little thing called the Lombard effect.
"The Lombardy effect, first described by Etienne Lombardy in 1911, is a phenomenon in which speakers change the production of sound in noisy environments, priscilla Liu of the University of California explained
Berkeley Voice lab 2008
In other words, diners speak loudly in noisy restaurants, and then people on adjacent tables turn up their volume in order to be heard.
Did you see it?
Don't even let me start the loud music and let me gnash my teeth.
One of the main reasons why restaurants get louder at the beginning is that once
The soft clothes of fashion were abandoned, and the modern design of fashion was adopted instead.
To put it more simply, the carpet and tablecloth are out of date.
"The industrial design with concrete finishes and hard surfaces means that noise will be pushed around the room," says Jeremy Luscombe of Resonics, a restaurant that helps reduce walls and ceilings
The open kitchen is another factor.
"The kitchen can be a very noisy place, very close to the dining room," says Luscombesays . ".
"Now the restaurant is trying to integrate the kitchen, which can cause a lot of noise overflow.
"His company has compiled a case study in a restaurant in Scotland Heights showing the noise.
Maintain resonance solutions for restaurant aesthetics while "restoring acoustic clarity" including printing custom designs in class
A sound-absorbing board makes the sound-absorbing device an artistic feature.
Restaurants in the capital can pay attention.
I quickly visited the facilities of Covent Gardens, Soho and Mayfair to measure decibel levels.
STK is the most noisy, close to 90dB-
The level at which "continuous exposure" may result in hearing loss.
But, to be fair, STK is like a club with loud music: no sober person will choose to go there for a quiet dinner.
I think two restaurants are very noisy.
Social restaurants in Kim Ju and Jason Atherton
They were quiet, I remember, about 85 db.
Mishkin's sound is slightly louder, while Aqua's outdoor terrace is close to STK's volume due to the presence of a DJ.
Atherton's small social network is below 85 decibels, just like the city traffic heard in the car.
Restaurant owners realize that noise can be a stimulus for diners who are too old.
"Acoustics is always critical in restaurants," says Jeremy King . " He has several of London's most fashionable restaurants with his business partner Chris Corbin.
"They decided the balance between the charming buzz of a desirable atmosphere and the harsh sound that is about to alienate anyone over 30.
This is one of the first things we consider when designing a restaurant.
"It's not just a matter of auditory aesthetics.
Laura Matthews, senior U. S. researcher and policy officer, said loud restaurants are an unwelcome environment for people who don't listen well, which usually means older peopleK.
Charity Action for hearing loss.
"The noise interferes with communication," she said . "
"A lot of people, when they get older, find it more difficult to distinguish between voice and background noise, so it becomes very difficult in restaurants and cafes.
We are planning a campaign to raise awareness on this issue.
"For the benefit of research, I went to a steakhouse and bar where young men and women were playing whales.
The music is loud, but it can't drown out the sounds they enjoy, including loud jokes and laughter.
I watched my decibel counter push 90 lightly.
This is equivalent to a noisy office, clarinet or diesel truck depending on the size you use.
On the same night, I visited four additional agencies, all within the range of 85 dB to 90 dB. It's tiresome.
Other forms of age discrimination are illegal.
Now is the time for chefs to stop discriminating against the voice of older diners.
Turn the volume down.
Richard Vines is the chief food critic at Bloomberg.
Follow his microblog @ Richard Vines.
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