where to shop in bethesda, maryland - highly absorbent

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where to shop in bethesda, maryland  -  highly absorbent
Less than 10 miles from Washington, Bethesda, Maryland.
Is usually considered just a well
Suburbs of the capital.
But there are about 60,000 residents and a vibrant city center that spans a few blocks, and it is a worthwhile destination in itself.
Although many shops on both sides of the street are recognizable chain stores
Well-known retailers here produce this mini
The metropolis is an unexpected shopping center. These not-so-
Familiar boutiques sell a variety of goods from wine to clothing, mainly owned by local entrepreneurs. High-
Turkey's quality cotton is the star of this narrow gray
A hued bed and bathroom store owned by a local named Ferzan Jaeger. Though extra-
Soft sheets and duvets made with earthy tones and simple patterns are part of the selection and the real discovery is the traditional Turkish towel peshtemals.
While these towels look and feel like light throws or shawls, they are actually super absorbent and fastdrying. Ms.
Jaeger is also equipped with peshtemal women's clothing, which can be used as a double duty for fashionable swimsuit covers --ups. Prices from $8.
7123 Bethesda Lane 301-656-Sabunhome, 2302
Anna Landragin, a former winemaker from French champagne, runs more than 500 brands from small producers around the world.
She also has a close relationship with the winemaker itself and the regales customers and has a deep understanding of their craft.
Her choices always change, so they will be surprised whenever oenophiles come in;
There may be wine from the state of Tasmania within a week, and there may be Patagonia Wine next week. The price is from $12.
7110 Bethesda Lane 301-841-
7204, colkande fork.
CoThis fashion boutique, part of the Mini
The chain stores that have three other locations throughout the South are go-
Go buy a well
Edited clothing collections from popular brands such as human citizens and Joie, as well as smaller labels such as contemporary Lavender Brown. The price is from $20. 72.
32 Woodmont Avenue, 301-656-1111, shopluna. comExtra-
Virgin olive oil from California is the attraction of this boutique and tasting room owned by Mary and Bart De Rosa, a team of couples from Clarksville, Maryland. , about a half-
One hour drive from Bethesda
The highlight of the visit is to try a dozen different oils, many of which are organic.
A single breed made of an olive includes a robust koroneiki from Greece, as well as a more subtle mission from California itself.
Unusual seasoning oil is a must. samples.
Who would have thought that tandoori, blood orange and Mexican olive oil would be so delicious? Prices from $7.
7249 Woodmont Avenue, 301-652-
7006, secolarievoo.
Tara and Ben weigdan from Fort Va.
The accessories chain, which consists of more than 20 stores, is mostly in Washington, D. C. C.
The area offers affordable fashion bags, jewelry, scarves and leather products for men and women. Prices from $2.
7126 Bethesda Lane 301-652-
0048, boutique loulouboutiques.
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